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From Chamail version 1.8.7 it is possible to make a backup first, before you upgrade the platform to the latest release.
When there is a new version available you will see a notification. You then get a question if you want to upgrade to latest version.
You can see that in the following screenshot. (version number can be different due to new patches)


If you click “YES MAKE A BACKUP FIRST” then before the upgrade is running the system will make automatically a backup of all the files and the database.
You will NOT see a message that the backup is done (we will work on that). When the backup is done the update process will automatically start.
See screenshot below:


When you have selected “YES MAKE A BACKUP FIRST” you are probably wondering where the files (backup) are. The files are stored in a directory one up your web root directory. This is done like this so the backup is outside the Chamial installation. See screenshot below:


In this directory you will see 2 types of files. A zip-file that contains all the files and a *.sql file that contains the database backup.
You can use these files to get your installation back before the platform update.
See screenshot below


Don’t forget to regularly empty this directory. Files are not overwritten so with every backup new files are created!

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