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Why patch Oxwall to Chamial?

Let me start that our team loves Oxwall and we don’t want to see it in the shape like it is now. Some of us helped fixing bugs but a new version was never coming. We can not access any oxwall servers so we had to create our own system and our own name. We choose for Chamial what is a mixup of chameleon (very flexible) and social. So now you know direct how we came up for that name. So we will start evolving oxwall to the next level and the really best part is: IT WILL BE FREE AND OPEN SOURCE !!!!


We have a roadmap of 2019 that we will publish on our website We keep the updates small and do not many things in one update. This way we can easy pinpoint if something is not working right. For you its also important to test everything after every update. Do not update and direct again another update. Test thoroughly between every update. In our newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom of this page) we announce new updates and what is changed and where you need to test. So don’t forget to subscribe!


Just read the manual here


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