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What effect wil Chamial give on my oxwall installation?

You probably thinking what is Chamail and how will that affect my oxwall installation. We thought you already was thinking of that so we will explain here how Chamial will effect your oxwall installation.

First of all: Don’t worry because we don’t break any oxwall installation.
What we do is updating oxwall code to latest version and if that is done we will continue to add new features the oxwall community asks for.

We understand that Chamial, oxwall, etc are confusing you so lets explain to you the difference.
We publish patches for oxwall but we also add the patches to the default oxwall full installation. We can of course not use oxwall systems so we created a new name Chamial. We will now explain what for effect it has on your oxwall installation.

New users:
New users can just download the full version and be ready for future updates to Chamial platform and plugins .

Oxwall users:
If you have an existing oxwall installation and you have the oxwall to Chamial patch installed then this will have the following effect:

  • We change the update proces for platform to use chamial systems. (owall latest system update trough admin is 3 years ago)
  • We provide a patch to undo the above and set oxwall back to original state if you want.
  • We will change the newsfeed in admin to display Chamial news
  • We will ask you to request a FREE license key. (we do this so we can give free support to real Chamial users. Of  course we will also answer questions from genuine oxwall users but chamial users will get priority support)
  • We will update the code to latest standards so it is php 7 ready
  • We will fix bugs


All your (3th party) plugins will work and when there is an update available you can update your plugins the normal way you always use to update your plugins.



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