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How to Install Patch Oxwall to Chamial

What to do to get updates  for oxwall also?

Finally we are here what you came for probably. Next to the full Chamial version we also create for every update a patch that you can use on your oxwall installation. When there is a new patch available you will be notified in oxwall admin and you can direct from oxwall admin install the patch like the normal way. But before that works you need to make some changes on your current oxwall installation. You Just need to follow the below steps to make this possible and REMEMBER the platform update will be changed and NOT the plugin update. So all your plugins will work and can be updated the usual way. Also after running the below patch. Here we go:

  1. Go to your oxwall admin and look at bottom of the page you must see: Platform version 1.8.4 (build 10800)
  2. Download the update patch here (if you want to check the file first. See it on Github)
  3. Unzip the patch (its just 6 files)
  4. FTP the files into the root of your oxwall installation.
  5. If it is asked: OVERWRITE the current files.
  6. Wait 1 minute and go to your oxwall admin part
  7. You will see a new notice that there is a new platform version available (1.8.5)
  8. Update the same way you always does.
  9. If the update is done you will see at the bottom of the page: Platform version 1.8.5 (build 10805)
  10. In the root you must see a empty file: test_succes  You can safely delete this file!
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I run into problems with above update. Please help !!!!

You can use our forum for support questions on this link.
You can also revert back to the default oxwall updates.
See our manual here to revert back to default oxwall.




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