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Get paid with subscriptions without third party plugins - the easy free way  


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22/06/2019 11:25 am  

No membership plugin - No payment gateway plugin
With a few lines of code pasted right into your page, you can have membership subscriptions with ease and security.
All you need is to upgrade your paypal account to business and your good to go... this is free and has no extra costs what so ever!

Simple to add
Offering customers automatic recurring payments is as easy as adding a button to your site.

No fixed monthly fee
There's no third-party payment gateway and none of the extra costs that come with it.
You just pay the usual paypal fee per transaction.

Saves time and money
Customers can set up safer and more secure online subscription payments with their PayPal account, credit or debit card, or their bank account.

Easy to manage
Customers can cancel their subscription any time in their PayPal account settings.
You can also cancel their subscriptions from the Subscription Details page in your PayPal Business account.
When you set up subscriptions, you can offer subscribers a trial period, special introductory rates, and a regular rate.
You can monitor all payments right from your paypal account.

Easy setup
No need for a developer, or third party plugin, simply add a PayPal Subscription button via the PayPal Button Factory here
Simply copy and paste the button code into your site on to the page where you want the button.
Be mindful if you are using a third party text editor plugin, the form coding may get obfuscated.

Watch how to set up and manage your PayPal Subscriptions and Recurring payments here

You will need to upgrade your paypal account to business to use the free button payment options, not a big issue as its free with no extra charges, plus you get a tonne of awesome features to play with.
You can downgrade at anytime however you will lose the free subscription services.

The only downside with paypal business accounts is you won't be able to use paypal credit for payments, that interest free monthly payment option available on some shopping sites such as ebay.
However you do get the bonus option of the business paypal credit card that becomes available to all business account customers.

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Terry Webbs
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24/08/2019 9:28 am  

Using the paypal payment button you may need to know who it was that just paid you that subscription?

So without the API and IPN stuff that comes with most payment plugins, let's face it most are out-dated anyways!!!
And with paypal always updating the api settings without notification, you may face issues unless you have time and resources to chase up errors or code issues.
There is another big overhaul due soon at paypal and they are using something called REST api which eligibly is more secure!

So how are you going to get that all important information about payment subscriptions and track it all, easy...

With the add text field available on the paypal subscription button, this gives you an option for username or email

Plus under the paypal reports section have a look at setting up shopping insights this will give you that all important visitor and payment feedback.

If you're considering using paypal for payments you may as well keep all the data in one secure place.

Plus you can redirect customers to pages you have setup for completed transactions and the ability to create an unsubscribe button if needed.

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