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Chamial version 1.9.04 released

Today we are proud to announce that we are releasing Chamial version 1.9.04.
It is a release that update again a map with latest files and we fixed a bug.

Version 1.9.04
Version 1.9.04 is the fourth release in the 1.9 series where we gonna update the default oxwall 1.8.4 code. We are going to use different methods for this. We will look at the oxwall github repository. We also look in oxwall forum for improvements and we will personally look at code to see if we think improvements can be made. In this release we update all files in the directory: smarty. We can do all directories but we made a decision to do it one directory by one directory. So if  you run into problems its easy to pinpoint where the problem is. We always take good care of our customers.

Fixed bugs:
0000026: [Bugs] Latest photo will not display (marco)
See the changelog here:

As oxwall users you can also profit from the updates. Next to the full Chamial release we also create a patch for existing oxwall installations, so all oxwall users can profit from the updates.

Patch Oxwall to Chamial installed? YES
If you have installed the Patch Oxwall to Chamial then you will see a notification in your oxwall admin that there is a new version and you can install the patch from there.

Patch Oxwall to Chamial installed? NO
If you are running Oxwall and want to update your platform too? That is possible. We created a special patch you can upload to your system to also profit from the updates we do on the chamial platform. You can read more about this here.

Food or thought:
Can i see what files are changed in a patch?
Will my current plugins work after update to Chamial
What effect wil Chamial give on my oxwall installation?
Will the patch from oxwall to chamial break my website?

Its only for platform updates. So updates for your (3rd party) plugins will still be available trough the oxwall system. So it won’t affect any plugins you have installed and you can update them if an update is available.

For (support) questions please use our forum and dont forget to sign up for our newsletter here so you are always informed when new updates and features are available.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter

If you want to update your oxwall installation then you need to have installed the: “Oxwall to Chamial patch”  first! You can read more information and how to install the patch here. If you are not sure how to install this patch, just let us know and we will try to help you with that.


If you need help you can use the following options:

Latest downloads

Chamial full version

[grd_list user=”chamial” repo=”full” latest=”true”]

Chamial update pack

Version [grd_latest_version]

Chamial version [grd_latest_version] is released.
See what is changed in the Changelog

Oxwall to Chamial patch

Version 1.0.3

Patch your Oxwall to Chamial for new updates
See what is changed in the Changelog

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